Today, Facebook has released an update to its ad platform to include a new type of ad. About half of our accounts currently have access to this new ad format. It appears to be a “three ads in one” concept. You can choose three separate images with their own headline, destination URL, description and image. The ad has one above-image-body-copy that is shared. See the bottom of the post for a short video on the full look and feel of the new ad layout.

This is still the same look and feel to create a single image ad.


Here is where it changes a bit. Selecting multiple images (three – no way to select two at this time) allows you to add three unique ads within this ad.

The image dimensions are 600x600px with the actual live viewing dimensions of 200x200px.


Here is a short video of me scrolling through the three image ad. The final image you see as I scroll right appears to be the root domain while Facebook pulls the thumbnail from the Page.

[jwplayer mediaid=”8318″]

What do you think of the change Facebook made and will it change the landscape of Facebook advertising?