Here’s how:

STEP 1: PPC Strategic Planning

We listen to you and learn about your business — your goals, your priorities, your rivals, your deadlines — in order to determine the baseline results we’ll work to improve.

STEP 2: PPC Media Plan

We review searcher behavior, keyword and geo-targeting strategy, ideal ad networks, ad formats and budget allocation before we make any media buys.

STEP 3: Account Setup and Refinement

Now we can setup or restructure your PPC account, including campaign/ad group/keyword structures, budgets and bids, billing and contact preferences.

STEP 4: Ongoing Optimization

Here’s our strike-zone. We’ll find ways to optimize performance analysis and program data. We’ll establish automated bid management, continual keyword testing, ad copy testing, match types, bids, position, landing page selection – anything and everything that affects PPC campaign performance.

STEP 5: Results Reporting

We’ve reached a point where we can pick apart the data. We’ll spot trends, show comparative results, and show you what the data means – and what to do about it.

STEP 6: Program Management

Ongoing, we’ll hold monthly (or quarterly, or annual) review calls or meetings. We’ll get your feedback, learn about current events and trends in your industry that should be factored in, and make plans for improvement or expansion.