E-commerce Digital Marketing

E-commerce websites can present new challenges when it comes to marketing your brands and products online. With so many online retailers, finding a marketing partner with e-commerce experience is critical for long-term success. You want to ensure you are working with a partner that understands any additional steps that should be taken for e-commerce websites.

Whether you have a large inventory or just a few items, it is important to find an e-commerce digital marketing agency that can help build a strategy to meet your company’s specific goals.

Clicks and Clients is a digital agency that has been working with e-commerce websites for over a decade. We understand how to build a framework for success when it comes to SEO, PPC, CRO, Email Marketing and Social Media strategies.

Facebook and Social Media for E-commerce

Strategies for e-commerce websites can include targeting previous customers, targeting similar customers, and displaying advertisements to customers who may have abandoned the website at some point during the checkout process. Video advertising has shown to be a huge success in Social Media campaigns. Speaking with our social media experts  can give you a plan to put your e-commerce website on the fast track to success. Whether it’s a video, display, or retargeting campaign, Clicks and Clients can help lead you down the right track.

For more information, check out our Facebook case study showing how we cut cost per leads in half with Facebook Video Ads.

PPC for E-commerce

There are many different directions to take PPC campaigns. With Google shopping ads, search campaigns, video campaigns and retargeting, the choices can seem overwhelming. We have the expertise to use hyper-targeted campaigns to ensure that you are spending your marketing budget wisely. Clicks and Clients can also create specific landing pages to accompany your campaign.

For more information, check out our PPC case study, showing how we closely monitored countdown ads for the highest success rate for a client.

SEO for E-commerce

SEO for e-commerce websites will require the technical knowledge to ensure that search engines are properly crawling and indexing your website. With a variety of product filters, technical SEO can cause hang ups in the search engines, causing your website to be left unseen to customers searching for your brand or products.

Another important SEO factor to consider is ensuring that each of your products are optimized using specific keywords that will bring a user to the exact page they are searching for. Clicks and Clients has a proven keyword research process that ensures each product and category page is optimized to its fullest potential.

For more information, check out our SEO case study, showing how we used SEO to compete with big brands.

Email Marketing for E-commerce

Keeping in contact with your customers after a purchase is important for retention. It also gives you an opportunity to let your customers know about specials and promotions. Monthly newsletters are a great way to keep your loyal followers interested in your products.

For more information, check out our email case study, showing how a monthly newsletter increased sales and customer engagement for one of our clients.

CRO for E-Commerce

Conversion rate optimization can help you be sure you are getting the most out of your landing pages, headlines, and other aspects of any e-commerce website. We can test a variety of different aspects of your website in order to increase your conversions.

If you have ever wondered how changing minor or major details on pages of your website could affect your conversion rates, CRO is the best option for you. We carefully monitor each campaign to ensure that only tests with the most positive changes in conversion are running regularly.

For more information, check out a recent CRO case study showing how product badges increased conversions for an e-commerce client.

E-commerce Digital Marketing

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