Facebook has made quite a few sweeping changes (typically under the cloak of darkness) lately and here are the quick updates for you to check out.

Multi-Unit Ads

This is a bit older and not what I would consider new, but as it happens, Facebook has not rolled out this functionality to all accounts yet. It’s odd, pretty much the only clients of mine who haven’t been activated are the eCommerce clients … Go figure.

Video Ads

Again, not super new but they changed the way you setup video ads now. It used to be that if the page you were advertising had a video on it, you could select that video as an ad. Now, you can choose a specific video to upload and a corresponding thumbnail preview to go with it. So far, we are seeing very cheap cost-per-view, but quickly realized that is a mostly useless number. The numbers you want to pay attention to are Avg. Duration of Video Viewed, Video Views to XX%, and Clicks to Play Video.

Now let’s get into some of the cool things you may not have noticed in Power Editor …

Campaign budgets are back! Woot



Kind of.

You can now set campaign level budgets and I haven’t had a chance to play with them extensively. I currently have a budget set for our PPC Webinar campaign we are running that is not running ongoing (it runs for a few days leading up to the webinar). I’d be curious to see how it does with ongoing campaigns. Would it be a good way to regulate client monthly spend? Let me know in the comments if you’ve tested at all with this.

One of the cooler improvements Power Editor has done lately is add the functionality of auto (templated) ad set naming.


You can now have Facebook create your ad set name based on your targeting information. You can also do this in bulk (highlight all and make this change). The only issue, and it’s a big one, is that this current feature does not support demographics or behavior targeting.

BlogImage2So the final result being: