apple vs google

Apple vs Google: SEO Tech Survey 

We thought it would be fun to poll our fellow Internet Marketers and find out where their tech loyalties lie.   We got a sample size of  some of the most influential internet marketers in the Denver area, as well as around the country.  We than asked some basic questions concerning their home tech habits.  We didn’t ask them any tech questions concerning their office setup but decided to focus on their home, entertainment, and mobile habits.  We figured we could learn the loyalties of Internet Marketers better by asking them about the tech they went home to as opposed to the tech they might be forced to use at work.

We broke down the questions into multiple categories to include:

– Mobile habits

– Computer habits

– Entertainment habits

– Dream Job

The Typical Internet Marketer:
As far as the results go it looks like a typical internet marketer can’t wait to get rid of their current phone for an iPhone.  When they get home from work they’ll jump on their PC to cruise the net using Chrome.  When they’re done they’ll transition to the couch and flip on Netflix on their Apple TV, or they’ll simply watch a TV show or two on cable.  When the internet marketer starts getting tired they’ll jump in bed with their iPad and play a game or two before turning the lights out.  When they wake up in the morning they’ll have had dreams of working at Google.



Current Phone

 Next Phone
My Tablet

Computer Use:

Personal Computer


Internet Browser



Streaming Media Device

Watch Movies & TV

Video Games


Dream Employer