Facebook Since Facebook is so sneaky when it comes to announcing new features, I’ll do my best to show you any new improvements it releases without informing the general public.

Have you ever said something like this: “I’d rather send ads to the video page on my website than have a video ad on Facebook because I need to pixel them”.

Well, no more!

I have honestly no idea how old this is but it can’t be much more than a few weeks old. Considering the ability to have a video ad when bidding for conversions is only a few weeks old, I can only assume this update is part of that Power Editor enhancement.

Video Custom Audiences

The above text reads:

This will create two new audiences: one based on people who viewed at least 3 seconds of your video ad and one for people who viewed your video ad to 95% of its length. You can then target these audiences in the future with new ads (video or other formats).

Your audiences will appear in the Audiences tab 24 hours after your ad set schedule ends. Video ads must receive a minimum of 1,000 paid video views in a 24-hour period for the audience from that period to be saved and updated. Audiences who saw your video organically will not be collected.

This is a simple Video Views campaign trying to get the most video views for the cheapest price to our retargeting audience. The hitch, as you can see, is if the 1,000 paid video views in a 24-hour period that doesn’t count any organic views. I suppose it’s a good thing most audiences range between $0.05 – $0.02 per view. So what, $20-$50 a day budget? Not bad.

The value with this is the audience for those who have watched the video to 95% of its length. This brings in a new outlook to Facebook advertising.

Ryan Deiss spoke of Pay Per Pixel a few months ago. This is what we discovered: Your content needs to have an extremely high click-through rate to have see a ROI. However, getting a pixel on those who watch your video to 95% may be quite valuable. The trick will be experimenting with different length videos and finding that sweet spot for your audience.

On a side note, yes, the automated naming of ad sets is broken in Power Editor and has been for over a week. Haven’t heard anything from Facebook as to when that will be fixed.

If you read this to 95% completion, I want your thoughts. More Facebook shenanigans or real value?