Hey folks Austin here and it’s time for another Weekly SEO Recap: Hindsight is 20/20 Edition.

What happens if you Google SEO?  You get all the latest SEO articles that Google thinks is relevant to your search……but are they relevant to you?  Let me be the judge of that and help you cut to the chase.

5 Unfamiliar SEO Tasks Marketers Will Have To Conquer In 2014

I have to admit the title really got me, and I had high expectations going into it, but I walked away a little disappointed.  This article makes a number of predictions on how to prepare for future Google algorithmn updates , and best part is Scott Landgdon gives some tips on how to prepare, but the predictions aren’t anything you haven’t heard before.  In fact you’re probably already thinking about how to prepare for future updates already, so don’t be surprised if this sounds like a bunch of stuff you’ve already heard before.  But if you’re not too into the SEO scene quite yet, or just getting started it might be a quick catch me up.


–         Quick catch me up for SEO beginners.
–         Tips on how to implement

–          Nothing veteran SEOs haven’t heard before

Overall: Skim it or Skip it


Hold Your SEO Client Hostage With Negative SEO Threats

Thanks to the digital age many things have gone online.  You can’t download movies, stream TV shows, and even read a book on your iPad.  But today we can add one more thing to that list, “Protection.”  Remember all those 1950s gangster movies in which a few mobsters/gorillas walk into a business and demand payment for protection from them?  Well a few bad seed SEOs have started calling up businesses and demanding protection money from negative SEO from them.  This is a very short article that talks about one such experience.



–         Black Hat SEO awareness
–         Quick, Short and to the Point

–          Nothing to add to your SEO toolbelt

Overall: Read it for Entertainment 


83790703SEO Can’t Be Done Without Mobile SEO

About two years ago a group of analysts from the Kelsey firm predicted that mobile searches would outpace desktop searches.  Quite the fun prediction based on mobile search growth calculated over a period of multiple years.  The results said that 2015 would be the first year in which mobile would (barley) eclipse desktop searches, as such Bryson Meunier reminds us SEOs how important building a mobile strategy before the game changes as opposed to playing catch up.  The article overall is more about the state of the industry than actual tips.  It would have been nice if he gave us some unique pointers on how to build a proper mobile SEO strategy besides the obvious name, address, phone number routine.


–         Kick in the rear: Mobile SEO Strategy
–         Graph and numbers to see trends

–          Nothing to add to your SEO toolbelt

Overall: Skim it

83790720Why Guest Posting and Blogging is a Slippery Slope – Whiteboard Friday

Most times I like to review actual articles because they usually data, numbers, info-graphs and things I like to skim through to find the info I actually want to learn.  But Rand Fish’s latest Whiteboard Friday Video talks about the pros and cons of guest blogging, which I know is very much ingrained in our SEOs strategies, and anything that hits the nail on the head is something we should open up our ears.  In short keep your guest blogging priorities away from “crap websites for links” and produce quality content.


–         Fixing a few weak points in our strategy
–         Clearly explains proper guest blogging

–          More philosophy than actionable items.

Overall: Watch it