A solemn-faced Mark Zuckerberg before CongressThe Facebook scandal with Cambridge Analytica is continuing to make shockwaves across the headlines. With such a huge controversy, will advertisers start to flee the social network? While there are a lot of concerns over Facebook’s data practices, it’s unlikely that there will be a mass exodus of marketers. Here’s why this storm is likely to blow over with hardly any advertisers taking their ads from Facebook.

Advertisers Didn’t Leave YouTube

Remember all the problems with YouTube last year? Brands threatened to pull their ads from the video-streaming website because extremist content was running amok. Companies didn’t want their ads to appear alongside political or religious extremists who were preaching violence and hatred. Here’s what happened next:

  • Regulators wanted answers.
  • Google’s stock plummeted.
  • Many advertisers suspended their YouTube campaigns.

However, despite this drama, YouTube experienced a recovery. In fact, brands started up their ads again within a few weeks. We’re only at the beginning of the backlash of the Facebook scandal. While Facebook is facing a lot of questions and demands, the most probable outcome is that they will recover and brands will continue spending once the controversy dies down and some fixes are made. As Mark Zuckerberg makes his apology tour and makes some fixes, it only makes sense that brands will stay.

Consumers Aren’t Leaving

Sure, there are some big names who are leaving Facebook, but not everyone is going to follow in the footsteps of Elon Musk and Steve Wozniak. People love being connected and everyone suffers from the fear of missing out. Most people are probably going to keep using and signing up for Facebook so they can see what their friends, families, and favorite celebrities are up to.

The social network will likely lose a few users here and there, but the site is projected to have an exponential growth. Unless a huge chunk of the site’s 2.1 billion users delete their accounts and no one else signs up, the money from advertisers is going to keep flowing.

Facebook Ads Work

The truth is, advertising on Facebook is well worth the money spent. Implementing a strong ad campaign can bring more sales and leads to your business even though there’s some controversial stuff about the site in the news. People are still using Facebook and you should be too. In order to effectively reach people, you should consult with a marketing partner to target the right customers, use the right image, and write compelling captions.

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