Let’s talk remarketing.

If you aren’t already doing it, then this may be a bit technical but if you are familiar with creating website custom audiences then this should be a breeze. If you have any questions, drop them in the comments and I’ll do my best to respond.

To start, we need our audiences.. create the following website custom audiences:

1. All Website Traffic 180 days
2. All Website Traffic 30 days
3. All Website Traffic 3 days
4. *Your Landing Page* 180 days
5. *Your Landing Page* 30 days
6. *Your Landing Page* 3 days

Facebook Website Custom Audience
Facebook Website Custom Audience – All Traffic
Facebook Website Custom Audience
Facebook Website Custom Audience – Specific Page


Cold Traffic (audiences that are unfamiliar with your brand) is good for getting new people to your website. One trick that many advertisers do not do, is EXCLUDE their website traffic from these audiences. Which is why we created the All Website Traffic 180 days. When you exclude that audience from your cold traffic audiences, you ensure (at least for the past 6 months) that you are not targeting anyone that has been to your website.

On to remarketing… When creating remarketing audiences, it’s best to test various ‘nested’ audiences. When I say nested, it simply means one audience within another. For example, a simple remarketing campaign would include the following ad sets…

1. ‘All Website Traffic 30 days’ EXCLUDING ‘All Website Traffic 3 days’
2. ‘All Website Traffic 3 days’
3. ‘Your Landing Page 30 days’ EXCLUDING ‘Your Landing Page 3 days’
4. ‘Your Landing Page 3 days’

Facebook Custom Audiences
All Traffic 30d Excluding 3 Days
All Traffic 3d
All Traffic 3 Days

This way, we keep each audience separate and can tailor the message differently. Someone who has been on your site within the past 1-3 days are still familiar with your brand/product so this is typically a good time to come in with a coupon, deal, special offer, etc. 27-30 days (I’d even break this up a bit more) is a period when you can cross sell products/offers, send ads to a content piece (then pixel accordingly), or simply have a branding message and bid for unique impressions per day.

Expert level tip: Whichever utm you are using for audience tracking, exclude that from remarketing audiences. For example, I’d use utm_content=RM_AT30 as a utm to track my traffic coming from the ad set “Remarketing – All Traffic 30 Days”. Create a website custom audience targeting a page that contains “utm_content=RM_AT30” and exclude that from your ad set. This way people will not see your ad anymore once they click on your remarketing ad. You will have another ad for someone who clicks on the ad TARGETING “utm_content=RM_AT30”.

Remarketing is all about controlling the experience as the would-be customer/client travels their way through your sales process. Pretend if you are the one receiving your ads. Do you want to see the same ad & messaging for 180 days straight? Probably not.