Facebook Stadium Is Here For Super Bowl Sunday


In late January, Facebook announced the addition of a new feature called Facebook Stadium. The goal of the feature is to collect relevant information from a sporting event such as live scores and stats, expert analysis, media stories, and  posts from friends (about the game), and put it in one place, making it easy for sports fans to follow the games they watch on Facebook.

Think of Facebook Stadium as a mini-social platform for a sporting event. Not only will it be easier for fans to follow along but it will also make it effortless for friends, watching and posting about the same game, to keep up with each others posts and connect.  As Facebook stated in late January, the goal of this FB Stadium is to give users, “the feeling you’re watching the game with your friends even when you aren’t together.” As technology becomes more personalized to the user, it’s no surprise Facebook is looking for more ways to meet the specific needs of their users, no matter what they might be interested in.


Instagram Now Offering 60-Second Video Ads


In perhaps the least surprising news of the week, Instagram is (slightly) enhancing its ad platform to better fit the needs of advertisers, and more specifically advertisers using video to convey their message. Instagram announced this week that its platform will now allow 60-second video ads.

Before now, the platform had only allowed advertisers the ability to use 15 second videos in their promotions, a timespan that made it tough for most brands to get their message across to fans and potential customers.

The announcement has definitely made Instagram video another strong option for social media advertisers. If Facebook Advertising is any indication of what’s to come, expect to see some favoritism by Instagram for high-quality video ads that make for great content.

Facebook Celebrates Its 12th Birthday with “Friends Day”


If you have a Facebook, there’s little chance you missed the 60 second “Friends Day” videos that appeared on timeline’s around the world this week. Facebook celebrated its 12th birthday on Thursday and that meant the option for users to post their own video, highlighting their Facebook friends and the photographed moments they’ve shared together. Facebook also used “Friends Day” to share news on how much the platform has grown recently, reportedly over doubling its user base in the last five years.


Zuckerberg noted that the reasoning for Friends Day was because Facebook is a community where real people connect, and Friends Day is about celebrating those connections. Even though Friends Day was technically Facebook’s Birthday, Zuckerberg felt like the focus should be elsewhere, “We felt like the world was making it too much about us, and it’s not about us.”

At the end of the day, it’s cool to see a young billionaire CEO like Mark represent all the right things. And for advertisers and social media managers, Friends Day is another win that continues to make Facebook a magnetic force for those who are on it.