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I follow Star Wars stats like a sporting fan who analyzes every detail leading up to the big game.  Star Wars is crushing everything from box office records to crashing servers.  Let’s feel the Power of the Force by reviewing just how Star Wars has taken over the internet.


Do or do not, there is no try when you choose your side in Google’s Light or Dark Side promotion.  Once you choose your side a light or dark side theme will be placed over all your Google owned profiles.  So if you choose the Dark Side for example you’ll see The Force Awakens’ new bad guy Kylo Ren and Star Destroyers across YouTube, Gmail, Google Maps and more.  Plus you can even turn your phone into a lightsaber in a special game available via Google Chrome’s mobile browser. Click here to choose your side: google.com/starwars


Even if you’ve already chosen your Light or Dark Side via Google’s themes it’s not official, till it’s Facebook official!  You now have the opportunity to alter your Facebook profile picture to include a red or blue lightsaber.  All you do is click on the specially created status here facebook.com/starwarsmovies and you can show off your true force powers.  You can even set it up so it places the lightsaber on your existing profile picture and have it revert back to the original picture after a few days.


Have you ever wondered if Darth Vader likes listening AC/DC or Mozart? Well now you can get those answers by discovering your Star Wars alter-ego with Spotify’s Saga Characters analyzer.  Spotify will anaylze your playlist as well as the last few songs you’ve chosen to listen to and using an algorithm will display what Star Wars character you most closely resemble.  If you don’t have a spotify account  you can choose some of your favorite bands and find your Star Wars Character alter-ego. spotify-starwars.com

Google Trends

One thing that Google has also displayed recently is Google Star Wars Trends.  In the report we learn that the latest Star Wars trailer has been viewed over 70 million times.  Plus the largest surge of Star Wars related searches happened after Revenge of the Sith.  But one of the most interesting things to come out of it are the top questions about Star Wars.

1) What order should I watch ‘Star Wars’?

2) Who is Kylo Ren?

3) Is Luke Skywalker Kylo Ren?

4) When do ‘Star Wars’ tickets go on sale?

5) Who is Finn in ‘Star Wars’?

Quick Star Wars Public Service Announcement: 

The minimum times a responsible person should travel to the theater, pay and view this latest Star Wars Movie (Episode 7: The Force Awakens) is seven times.  If you don’t make that minimum commitment shame on you (just joking), but seriously go and see it seven times.  Get it seven times for episode seven?  But in all seriousness this movie is awesome, it’s fun, it’s exciting, it’s shocking, and best of all it leaves you wanting more…a lot more!