How to Mommy Blog the Right Way

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If you’re serious about being a mommy blogger, then you need to be real serious about what you’re writing about. I don’t mean you need to have a serious tone in your writing, what I mean is you need to real fan of the niche you’re going after. There are plenty of mom bloggers out there so when you’re thinking about how to differentiate yourself, you need to pick a niche you actually care about. People will pick up on the fact that you’re a phony if you try to sell yourself as something your not. In saturated markets people are looking for something different, yet something they can connect with but no one can connect to a liar.

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Don’t Sell Out

It can be tempting to start selling out on every little business deal that comes your way, but what you have to remember is people are reading your blog. If you start taking different positions in your writing so you can better “sell” a promotional deal, your readers are going to pick up on it quick. Your readers are going to start loosing their trust in you and your opinions because they know that as soon as a business comes by and waves a few “Benjamins” in front of your face your ready to do a U-turn. If you’re going to start doing some paid promotions on your blog make sure you actually care about the product or service. Sure, it might be tempting to sell out, but it truly is for short gain at the expense of your long term branding. You have to ask yourself do you want short term monetary benefit, or do you want long term branding benefits which could lead to even longer term paychecks.

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User Experience

A new mommy blog has to be user friendly otherwise your blog will die a quick, and painful death. What you have to realize is that if a new blog is designed in such a way that people have to hunt to find what they want to read then they’ll never stick around to read what you’ve wrote. A well designed blog can quickly communicate what your “niche” is in the mommy blogging world. Your blog should quickly communicate which blog post is your most recent, and should easily communicate, which back story blog posts people need to read to get caught up with that particular “plot point.” Most mommy blog posts simply categorize their past posts by date, but the reality is a date is the worst way to help people catch up on what’s happening in your life. I mean, think about when the last time you say a date written out and said to yourself, “I suddenly feel like reading about the stuff that happened on that day.” If you have no interest your readers will have no interest either. But if you write out a new blog about your neighbor Tina at the bottom you need to write, “catch up on my adventures dealing with my neighbor Tina: HERE!” Your “HERE!” needs to be a link to your Tina oriented blog posts. ┬áDoing this will greatly improve your readers user experience, and get them hooked!