All of us here at Clicks and Clients are getting excited for the Colorado Marketing Summit in just a couple of days. The Colorado Marketing Summit will take place on Wednesday, June 08th at the Ritz Carlton in downtown Denver. The agenda is jam- packed beginning at 8AM with a welcome reception and ending with a happy hour and networking reception at 5:40 PM.

The agenda will include nine different speaking engagements related to helping businesses grow, recent marketing trends and leveraging the community. Here is a preview of the agenda:

  • The Colorado Brand: Local businesses will discuss what it means to broadcast their business in Colorado and how to embrace the identity of Colorado.
  • Leveraging Smart Data: Marketers discuss how we can make the best use of the wide range of data that is available and how it can help companies engage with their audience.
  • Social Media Strategies: Social media strategists from a variety of industries discuss going beyond the basics with effective social strategies.
  • Content Marketing Roundtable: Strategies for getting your story noticed with content and finding the best audience to engage with those stories.
  • Optimizing Customer Experience: Marketers share how they use and act on customer feedback to create brand loyalty.
  • Sports, Athletics, Wellness & Lifestyle: Marketers discuss active brand marketing and discuss trends and innovations when it comes to fitness brands.
  • Beyond Branding: Focusing on branding strategies in relation to the customer experience when it comes to digital, social and mobile avenues.
  • Meaningful Digital Engagement: Moving Beyond the Click-Through Rate: Our company as well as other panelists will discuss innovations in digital engagement.
  • Storytelling and Impactful Practices for Non Profits and Public Institutions: Discussions from local Non Profits on how to grow content for their business.

The event will bring together marketing executives from many different industries and brands. Having insight into different industries can help digital marketing strategists make smarter decisions for their clients in similar industries. There will be interactive sessions that will allow marketers to share their thoughts on factors that influence marketing strategies on both a local level, as well as globally.

Our company is a sponsor of this event, and our CEO Paul Rakovich will be speaking about meaningful digital engagement. The panel is at 4:10 PM directly after a coffee and networking break which means everyone should be feeling refreshed and ready to learn.

The digital engagement panel is titled “Meaningful Digital Engagement: Moving Beyond the Click-Through Rate.” We will be examining some case studies and discussing breakthroughs in data and technology that can help companies engage with their audience through digital areas including mobile users. We are also looking forward to gaining insight from other industry experts and getting a chance to meet with some likeminded, data driven marketers in the Denver area.

It’s not too late to register if you haven’t already! Tickets can be purchased on the IC Summit website here.  You can also request more details about the speakers and agenda by filling out their online form here.  IC Summit was very helpful in getting back to me almost immediately with any details I requested.