The Summit

The 2017 Traffic & Conversion Summit, March 10-12 in San Diego, marks our second as an agency partner as well as attendees and we are absolutely thrilled to be returning this year. As an agency primarily focused on directing qualified leads and earning measurable results for our clients, this conference is centered around our core competency- continual online growth.

T&C is an opportunity for us to meet like-minded individuals and who are passionate about their businesses and may be looking to hire an agency to help them grow to their fullest potential. We’re looking forward to meeting with prospective new clients to discuss how we can increase their return on ad spend and help their business grow overall. If you’ll be attending this year, we’d love to connect with you. Sign up for your free social or PPC audit here. Bonus: Clicks and Clients will donate $50 to the Monarch School of San Diego for every audit redeemed.

In addition to meeting prospective partners, we also look forward to networking with other agencies and digital marketing professionals to swap war stories, dissect the best tactics and platforms to drive traffic and conversions, and most importantly, discuss the actionable content and ideas from hands-on practitioners in the industry looking to move the needle for both online and offline conversions.

Ryan Deiss, CEO of and host of the Traffic & Conversion Summit, will kick off the event with his keynote, examining “The NEW Customer Value Optimization.” From there, around 4,000 marketing professionals will have the opportunity to learn as much about traffic and conversions as possible over the next three days.


New This Year

This year, T&C has divided the multi-day agenda into six dedicated tracks that speak to specific marketing needs as an easy to follow and digest format:

The “Head Honchos” track is for executives and company leaders who are wearing multiple marketing, operations and sales hats and looking to grow their business.

A must-attend here is Brad Martineau’s “Predictable Growth: How to Implement Your Ideas So they Actually Turn Into Revenue.” Unlike some more vague session titles, Martineau seems to hit the ‘Head Honchos’ over the head with some truths on marketing automation and other tactics to grow revenue. He leverages some serious knowledge from other marketers, his five-plus years at marketing automation software giant, InfusionSoft, and through his work for his consulting firm, Sixth Division, which specializes marketing automation and consulting.  

The “Getting Started” track is ideal for those embarking on their digital marketing journey and looking to learn those fundamentals of the industry.

Exploring conversion funnels, whether you are a newbie or an executive, is a good place to start. The rest of the track is a sprinkling of other “Nutshell” sessions on social media, paid traffic and more.

The “Agency Only” track intends to helps agencies like us learn from each other on traffic and conversion tactics we’ve seen succeed and fail. If you’re an agency attending T&C 2017, prepare to dive into Inbound Sales, the buzzwords made famous by companies like DigtalMarketer and HubSpot. We’ll be hearing HubSpot Sales Director Dan Tyre about using “Inbound Sales to Blow Out your Quota: Observations on $0-$100M in 7 years.” Really, what agency wouldn’t want that kind of growth?

A “Digital Retailer” track will help all those ecommerce and brick-and-mortar store owners learn how to better compete with giants like Amazon and grow their product businesses.

The “Future of Sales” will help your salespeople get better at what they do and dive deeper into sales tactics and consultative inbound marketing.

What’s Working Now” will be the highest-level track with advanced sessions for those who’ve learned the basics and are ready to take things to that next level.

Lastly, “Behind the Scenes” will be where you can hear just from the DigitalMarketer team. DigitalMarketer is an online community for digital marketing professionals. They offer places to connect and learn from industry experts both online and lin person at their hosted events like Traffic & Conversion. They offer training and certifications in several areas of digital marketing, including content marketing, inbound marketing methodologies, and conversion funnels.

No Ticket? No Problem.

Not able to make it in-person this year? T&C still has you covered. You can Livestream the entire conference here. Additionally, CnC will be live-Tweeting and giving updates on our other social media channels so be sure to follow us and like us for the most current happenings at Traffic and Conversion 2017.