We’re usually not ones to toot our own horns here at Clicks and Clients, but when something amazing like this happens, it’s time to make an exception. So here goes.


Inc. Magazine released its list of the 500 fastest growing companies this month, and we made the list! We clocked in at No. 406, based on a 1,164% revenue growth rate over the last three years.

inc-500-september-2014We were ranked 10th within the state of Colorado and No. 4 in the Denver metro area.

The Inc. 500 works a lot like a heat map for up-and-coming companies. Organizations like Tough Mudder, Jenny Craig and Domino’s Pizza all landed on the Inc. 500 before they blew up nationally, and now we’re on that same esteemed list.

We’re absolutely thrilled to be recognized. It’s a testament to the work we’ve done with our clients, and it’s also a testament to our amazing clients themselves.

In the end, they are the ones who call the shots. They determine how aggressive or conservative we can be with our online marketing efforts. Our clients are profit-motived; they ignore all of the riff raff and meaningless online marketing metrics, and they are dead-set focused on improving the only metric that matters in the end: How much money they take home.

As a result, they have given us free rein to do whatever we can do to reach those goals. We only make money when they make money, so our four-digit growth rate shows what we’re able to do and what our amazing clients are willing to do.

So, while we’re over here patting ourselves on the back, we want to take this opportunity to extend our most heartfelt thanks to our amazing clients. You believed in us, trusted us with your businesses — your livelihoods — and allowed us to do what we do best.

Thank you.

Other fun stat as reported in the Inc. 500: Clicks and Clients is a nine-person operation. How many positions have we added since 2011? Eight.

We’re all pleased to be here, and we eagerly look forward to the growth in years to come.

Toot toot.