SEO Weekly Recap (Oct. 11, 2013)

Welcome to our first SEO Weekly Recap in which we give you everything from the best to the worst blogs the SEO and internet marketing community has to offer.  Just by doing a few searches on our beloved Google I review some of the top articles that pop up in the SERP.

This week the internet marketing world is still licking its wounds from Google Hummingbird’s not-provided reveal.  All the same old stuff we internet marketers are use to hearing is back, “SEO IS DEAD!”  Boy I don’t know how many times I’ve heard that in the last week…..aggghhhh.  What it is about our industry that gets everyone running and screaming for the hills whenever they see a speed bump?  Anyways check out this week’s SEO recap and leave us a comment below!

What is SEO Now that everything is (Not provided)?

Over at Moz blogger Ruth Burr just might the best comeback for anyone saying, SEO IS DEAD!
“The internet isn’t going away, and neither is selling stuff.”  Burr than goes into her thoughts about how she views SEOs will operate outside of keywords.


–          Good philosophical insights

–          Confidence building

–          Author interaction with commenters


–          Actionable steps are broad

Overall: Read it if you have the time



SEO: Focus on the only metric that matters
It seems that every other client wants to measure success by some completely different metric, and the other half don’t care.  So what would you say if your client ask you, “How do you measure success?”  Well that’s where Joshua Steimle over at Forbes steps in.  He offers his suggestions and weighs the pros and cons of measuring success by rankings, backlinks, traffic, bounce rate and more.


–          Solid analysis & insights

–          Easy breakdown of data

–          Very helpful for new SEO-ers


–          No actionable steps

–          No discussion in comments

–          Nothing you haven’t heard before

Overall: Read it if you have the time



5 Important Internet Marketing Lessons From Steve Jobs

I’ve got to admit I’m a big apple fan so this article caught my eye for the sole purpose of seeing how someone would interpret Steve Job’s take on SEO.  There is a lot of philosophy Steve put into Apple being viewed through the lens of an SEO here.  Nothing really innovating, but it is fun to read.  This is more entertainment for SEO than anything else.


–          Fun

–          Some philosophically good ideas


–          No actionable steps

–          Nothing new

Overall: Skip if you want.

Gauging Hummingbird’s Impact on Local SEO

Everyone talking about Hummingbird is obsessed with the “not-provided” portion that everything else is getting pushed to the side.  Chris Marentis is taking a different approach to Hummingbird by focusing on its impact on local SEO.  Since local SEO is one of my favorite portions of online marketing (I know I’m not in the norm) it caught my eye.  Although for all the build-up I gave it, I have to admit I was left feeling a little disappointed.


–          Hummingbird from a new angle

–          Solid predictions about future Local SEO challenges


–          No actionable steps

–          No case study examples

–          All philosophy

Overall: Skip it


Securing the Future of SEO: Global Brands & Not Provided Solutions

Another commentary on Google Hummingbirds raping of keywords, but with quotes from some top SEO-ers from around the industry.  Andy Betts offers some really interesting insights, and uplifting quotes from people around the industry.


–          Actionable Steps

–          Pulse on the industry

–          Tips on things to look for


–          No case study samples

Overall: Read It.