SEO Weekly Recap (Not What You Expected Edition)

Hey folks Austin here and it’s time for another SEO Weekly Recap (Not What You Expected Edition).

What happens if you Google SEO? You get all the latest SEO articles Google thinks are relevant to your search. But are they relevant to you? Let me be the judge of that and help you cut to the chase.

Basics of International SEO

by: Joshua Steimle @donloper

Most of us SEOs aren’t too familiar with the workings of search engines outside of our own country.  Heck even we had to scratch our heads a bit when we a USA based SEO company had to audit a company website from Asia.  But in for the rescue is Steimle on the basics of international SEO.  You probably won’t be surprised that reading this article will feel familiar, even Steimle says, “everything is different, everything is the same.”  So though you might feel you know everything there is to know about SEO, it’s still good to brush up on some of the categories you’ll need to give special attention to when working with international clients.


– Good breakdown of basic categories

– Highlights differences between international SEO


– Example walk-through would be nice

Overall: Read It


Expert Insights on the Future of SEO, Part 1

by: @Trond Lyngbø

One thing about SEO is the first one there usually ranks highest, so we’re always on the hunt for trends in the latest Google algorithmn update.  But is that the only thing you should be focused on?  Lyngbø has managed to collect insights into the biggest names in the industry and how they think SEO will be changing over the next year.  There is a lot of good stuff in here, even if some of the experts are obviously guessing.


– Lots of good insights from industry names

– Lots of great ideas to spur thoughts and strategy


– Elaboration would be nice at times

Overall: Read It


How Solar Freakin Roadways Went Viral

by: @AustinSFaux

Solar Roadways was one of those phenomenons that went not a little viral….but crazy viral.  This article breaks down what strategy, or lack thereof, went into Solar Roadways planning for their video.  Plus an interview with the man behind the Solar Freakin Roadways video reveals that another video is in the works!


– Interview with Solar Roadways Video Creator

– Highlights the ingredients of viral content


– A timeline of events would be nice

Overall: Read It