Hey folks, Austin here, and it’s time for another Weekly SEO Recap (Mr. Bean Edition).

What happens if you Google SEO? You get all the latest SEO articles Google thinks are relevant to your search. But are they relevant to you? Let me be the judge of that and help you cut to the chase.

Convincing Old-School Clients that Things Have Changed

By Kristina Kledzik

One of the hardest things all internet marketing firms are facing is convincing clients of the older generations that marketing tactics from yesterday don’t work in today’s landscape!  It’s challenging enough convincing people that they’re getting great ROI in SEO, and even harder if they still think that the phone book matters.  So  Kristina Kledzik offers up multiple tips and strategies on how to convince older clients that the world has changed and internet marketing matters.


– Helping Older Clients

– Easy Follow Up Suggestions

– A little long for the topic

Overall: Read It

Apple Launches “Maps Connect” Self-Service Local Listings Portal

By Greg Sterling

It doesn’t matter if you love or hate Apple maps, because it’s market share is growing thanks to Apple’s genius approach to integrate it into their products.  As such Apple maps is becoming an increasingly important map product that businesses need to get on.  Laying out all the facts Greg informs us about Apple’s newest tools to help small businesses get on Apple Maps.


– Easy Picture Walk-through

– Quick, sweet and to the point.

– Doesn’t cover verification problems enough

Overall: Read It

5 Small Business SEO Tips You Can Implement In-House Right Now

By Jonathan Long

Every small business is looking for ways to increase their publicity without breaking their bank accounts.  The Huffington Post is offering up an extremely brief overview of some of the main in-house SEO tactics anyone can implement.  The only problem with this article is that it’s almost too brief for the target audience.  This is almost giving people a taste of what can be done without really giving any details.  Sure they have links to better content, but I walked away not feeling motivated to do any of this on my own.


– Covers Good in-house topics.

– Links to more in depth help.

– Might not be as motivating as one would like.

Overall: Skip It