Hey folks Austin here and it’s time for another Weekly SEO Recap (Don’t Ask Edition).

What happens if you Google SEO?  You get all the latest SEO articles that Google thinks is relevant to your search……but are they relevant to you?  Let me be the judge of that and help you cut to the chase.

The Best and Worst Thing to Ever Happen to SEO

By Ryan Connors

A bunch of things have happened over the last year in the world of SEO marketing.  One of the biggest things out of the camp of Google was destroying exact provided keyword search data.  This had major ripples throughout the world of internet marketing, and if you’re like me you’ve read a bunch of articles that talk about how bad that move was.  But if you want a different perspective and tip-toe to the other side of the argument you might be able to find a few good things out of not-provided


–         Different take on not-provided keyword data

–          Easy to read and good recap of the most important stuff in internet marketing 2013


–          Blood might boil from remembering how Google killed provided keyword data.

–          Could use some content headings for easier skimming.

Overall: Read it 


The Global SEO & Content Marketing Landscape

By Jim Yu

We often check local search result pages, local ranking or if we really branch out we look at national rankings.  But the one weakness we have is not doing SEO from a global perspective.  As internet marketing becomes a business must, we SEOs will be getting more and more clients that need to reach international costumers.  One of the first steps to patching up this weak spot in our armor is understanding how the search landscape works on the other side of the globe.  Jim Yu has provided an article with tons of data, and he does his best to explain it in easy to understand examples.  But the article is huge and requires your complete attention.


–         New perspective on SEO

–          Great examples with info-graphics to break down data.


–          Quite long and requires your full attention.

–          The material might be too much for some folks to understand how to put into action.

Overall: Bookmark it and read without distractions.


When 2 Become 1: how Merging Two Domains Made Us an SEO Killing


One of the most daunting things any internet marketing firm has to tackle is merging two websites.  The easy thing is actually building the website, but the hard thing is to regain the rank that will be lost during the transition.  It’s difficult to determine if and when it would be worth it for your business, or your client’s website to hit the digital graveyard, and transition to a better converting website.  This article is a great case-study on a business asking those same questions, answering those questions, and showing you the outcome.  So if you’re on the verge of merging two domains, learn from the example of WPMU.




–         Tackling a risky subject


–          Case-study with details on decision making process




–          Want more data in some areas.


Overall: Read it