Hey folks Austin here and it’s time for another Weekly SEO Recap (Christmas Edition).

What happens if you Google SEO?  You get all the latest SEO articles that Google thinks is relevant to your search……but are they relevant to you?  Let me be the judge of that and help you cut to the chase.

6 Ways to Accelerate Your Local SEO Success in 2014

Local SEO is one of those things you either love it or hate it.  One of the reason people don’t like it is because the algorithm that goes into ranking local places is much more difficult to track and move the needle is much more difficult.  When people do move the needle they usually have a hard time figuring out which variable helped.  This article gives 6 ways to help identify what variables you need to track in order to gage your local SEO efforts.


–          Identify Variables to focus on

–           Easy read through for difficult topic


–          Actionable steps a tad difficult to figure out how to apply

–          Needs a few detailed examples

Overall: Skim through it


How to win the web: Top 3 SEO trends for 2014

As 2014 inches closer we should be seeing a lot of these articles.  What to expect in 2014 in SEO and internet marketing has been screaming for ever that social matters, and authorship matters.  Though some of us at the office have some differing perspectives on this topic one thing we can definitely agree on is authorship.  This past year authorship has just barely scratched the surface of most SEOs to-do list.  But I expect authorship will be a huge SEO factor this upcoming year.  So get ready.



–          Fun 2014 perspective on SEO


–          If you tell us what to expect at least link to an article on how to get started.

–          No real actionable steps.

Overall: Skim through it




A New Direction for SEO in 2014: The Secure Search Manifesto

Now if you want a good SEO in 2014 article I suggest you read this one.  This article is full of tips on a multitude of areas.  But what’s really interesting is Jim Yu’s perspective on Secure Search.  Though most people in the SEO world know that content is king, that analytics is a must, but what they don’t think about is the depth of connection each piece of information has and shares with one another.


–          Useful 2014 perspective on SEO

–          Lots of tips and tactics


–          Kind of long

–           Examples could use more detail instead of quick facts.

Overall: Read or Bookmark for Later.