Hey folks, Austin here, and it’s time for another Weekly SEO Recap (Award Show Edition) .

What happens if you Google SEO? You get all the latest SEO articles Google thinks are relevant to your search. But are they relevant to you? Let me be the judge of that and help you cut to the chase.

Everything You Need to Know About Mobile App Search

By Justin Briggs

Everyone keeps talking about the importance of mobile search, and if this is the first time you’ve heard anyone talk about the importance of mobile……then I feel sorry for you. If you’re behind on why mobile search is so important, or if you’ve been optimizing your websites for mobile for the past 8 months this article will teach you something great. The best parts go into extreme detail about everything from App indexing API to the differences in mobile app results … who knew it could be so different!


– Relevance

– Extreme Detail


– Might require a few reads to get it all in the brain.

Overall: Read it!


Why Google Says Building Links Can Harm Your SEO Efforts

By Joshua Steimle

The number one thing SEOs like to think about over the years is links, links, backlink, baby. Sorry about the cheesy-ness.  What happens when you get Google Employees hanging out after hours? The answer is you get Google Employees ragging on links!  No surprise there right! Well, the best part is they did say how to best make use of links, or how to make linking to your content easier. But as you might suspect if you’ve been in the world of SEO for a while this is a bad link vs good link article. So if you’ve read too many of those then you know what to expect, but reading what Google employees have to say about links is always interesting so you’ll get a little nugget out of this.


– Google Employee quotes

– What’s good vs bad


– Nothing super new to the conversation

Overall: Skim It


Why You Must Include LinkedIn in Your Content Marketing

By: Julia McCoy

To use LinkedIn or not to use LinkedIn that is the question … or maybe it’s not. Julia McCoy offers up a ton of advice on how to use LinkedIn for content and get SEO benefits out of the mix. This article isn’t just a quick little paragraph that offers up the same ole’ reasons you’ve read over and over again, this article actually digs into how you can use LinkedIn for B2C marketing as well as B2B, and even talks about the steps to using LinkedIn for content curation. But if you’re not super excited about LinkedIn you’ll still walk away thinking there is nothing super excited about LinkedIn


– New insights into LinkedIn for marketing Purposes


– Leaves you still feeling like LinkedIn still might not be worth it.

Overall: Skim It