Quick video here for any LastPass users who need to view a hidden password.

Now, at our agency we have a lot of our own sites plus a lot of clients sites to manage, and the way we use LastPass is that we have an admin with full administrative permissions who can view and control the entire organizational account. Obviously, we don’t want everyone to have that level of access and one thing team members encounter is not being able to toggle the view on passwords to see what the actual text is.

99% of the time this isn’t a big deal, but occasionally someone will need to share an actual password with a client or a developer who doesn’t and shouldn’t have access to the shared LastPass account.

In that case, you can ask someone for the password…do that. But if you’re short on time or nobody knows the real password, here is a scary simple way to view hidden passwords using Chrome.

So all you have to do is open up the individual site profile and inspect the password field.


Once you have the HTML for the field just click to edit and change the input type from password to text.


Then password is revealed.


At least until this issue is updated and fixed.