I’m still not sure how I talked the head honchos at Clicks and Clients into sending me here, but this week I am in Europe for the 2015 Conversion Conference.

The two-day conference kicks off Tuesday in Berlin, and it covers a range of conversion optimization subjects. That’s everything from how marketing agencies should onboard clients to testing strategies, landing page analysis, data collection and niches within the profession.

Of course, I’m not here to keep all these good ideas to myself.IMG_0513

I’m excited to share the wealth from the slate of digital marketing speakers they have lined up. I’ll be blogging throughout the week with notes and impressions, and I’ll be tweeting directly from the conference from @foghatleghat. (I recommend following me anyway, just so you can get superb content like this).

Anyway, conversion optimization means something for everyone selling a product or service online. It doesn’t matter where your traffic comes from; if you’re not turning your visitors into customers, you won’t be in business long.

Here are a few of the panels on tap for this week:

● World Class Onboarding
● Your Results are Invalid: Collecting Advanced Statistics for CRO
● Personalize or Die – The Art And Science of Relevance In Conversion
● The Growth Canvas: A Blueprint for Using A/B Testing To Drive True Growth
● Analytics and Attribution: Everything Depends on the User

With a name like “Personalize or Die,” it sounds like there will be either some important stuff up for discussion. That, or I have inadvertently walked into the digital marketing version of the Hunger Games.

In either case, I’ll be back this week with more on what we’ve learned.