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At Clicks and Clients, one of our core values is to be ‘Geeky about what we do.’ For our sales team, that means they’re geeky about sales. For our social media team, they’re geeky about social media. And hashtags. Hashtags are big on that team. But for all of us, it means we attend a lot of digital marketing seminars.

So, it makes sense that we’d host one. Being so geeky about what we do, we decided that we’d turn to the ultimate geeks to help us out – our partners at Google.

What is a Google Partner?

Being a Google partner means that Clicks and Clients is recognized by Google as an agency that consistently grows in knowledge and expertise. Since we are geeky about what we do, we are always trying to find ways to expand our knowledge of online marketing and keep up with industry trends. In an ever-changing industry, this means that staying on top of certifications and best practices plays an important role in what we do here at Clicks and Clients.

Google Partners also meet minimum Adwords spend requirements for paid advertising accounts. Working with a Google Partner agency means that the agency has exclusive insight into a community that has special access to events, regular updates and information. Being a Google Partner gives us the opportunity to connect with other like minded individuals in the digital space. We are proud to have the opportunity to bring these exclusive events to our local community this upcoming week.

Google Partners Connect Event

On Wednesday, February 8, our Google friends Jeff Montgomery and Kevin Cho will talk about trends in digital marketing measurement.

Jeff, who is Google Marketing Solutions’ director of mid-market sales, plans to focus on how consumer behavior is migrating to mobile and affecting both the path-to-purchase and conversions for modern day marketers.

Kevin, Google Marketing Solutions’ Agency Account Strategist, has some ideas on cross-device measurement, and how to adjust AdWords bids to leverage those device touch-points to increase conversions.

Now that’s geeky, right?

Because we attend so many marketing seminars ourselves, we have some tips for attending.

  1. Always try to go in with an open mind to learn something new. In this case, it helps that Google is going to be talking.
  2. Look for one or two nuggets that you can take back to the office, or to a friend or client that would help business increase.
  3. Think about whether you could talk about this material with your grandma. Or your 4-year-old. If it’s not understandable, make sure the speakers explain it in a way that makes sense.
  4. Have fun, and introduce yourself to the other people who have attended. Never miss an opportunity to meet someone new.

So, if you’re in the mood for more about measurement, or just like being around some geeky people, join us at 1:30 p.m. Wednesday, February 8. Besides, we’ll have snacks!

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If you can’t make it, but would still like to learn about marketing from some geeky people like us, you can schedule a time here to talk one-on-one.