Google recently announced that it is revamping Gmail for web users. Any change to Gmail is monumental, seeing as it’s the most popular email program. There’s always a backlash from some users when any website changes, but Google is making some pretty neat changes that we think you’ll enjoy. Gmail isn’t only just going to look better, but it’s going to be much easier to use.

New Sidebar

Perhaps one of the most useful aspects of the new Gmail redesign is the handy sidebar. This function allows you to seamlessly use the note-taking app, calendar, or tasks alongside your messages. You’ll be able to quickly take a look at your schedule when you’re responding to an email or jot down important notes without leaving your inbox.

Smart Replies

If you have the Gmail app on your iPhone or Android, you’re probably already familiar with smart replies. This feature generates quick replies based on an algorithm. You can expect this feature to be hitting the web version of Gmail in the coming weeks.

Offline Access 

Soon, you’ll be able to store your emails without using Chrome Apps (if you didn’t know yet, the company is phasing out these apps). Gmail will be equipped with web technologies that allow you to store emails on your browser.

Snooze Button

Your favorite function on your alarm clock (or, more likely, your smartphone’s clock app) is coming to your favorite email platform. With the new snooze function in Gmail, you’ll be able to temporarily clear emails from your inbox for hours or days. If you can’t immediately reply to a certain email but you hate having a clogged inbox, you’ll find this feature useful.

Three Layouts

The new Gmail design will come with three layouts to use, including:

  • Compact View: Maximizes the number of emails you can view on one page.
  • Default View: Highlights attachments such as photos and documents.
  • Comfortable View: Similar to the default view without highlighting attachments.

If you’re not a huge fan of trying new themes, you’ll probably want to use the compact view, as it’ll be the most similar to the current design.

Launch Date

There’s no official release date for the new design yet, but G Suite customers are the first to try it out. The redesign will likely be made available to all users in May or June.

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