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Violence is not the answer

You’re on a roll!!

You’ve spent thousands of dollars in PPC.

Your SEO Is in tip top shape, and all your pages rank No. 1 in Google.

You’ve got online marketing all figured out, and your site has thousands of visitors a day.

Only one problem: your businesses pockets are still full of lint and paper clips.

What is going on?

Simple. Your landing page doesn’t convert or compel users to buy.

A landing page that doesn’t convert renders all PPC and SEO useless.

It is very interesting.  Even the Zig Ziglars of the world would have problems selling on the Internet without data.

The problem is humans don’t interact the same way with a web page as they do in person.

The study of website conversion shows strange behavioral data that, if used correctly, can be the difference between your site being a profitable venture and going completely broke off PPC spending with no profit.

What is Conversion Rate Optimization?

So what is this mysterious marketing science that so few companies invest in when marketing on the Internet?

It is called Conversion Rate Optimization(CRO). CRO is the method of creating an experience for a website or landing page visitor with the goal of converting your visitors into actual customers.

How do we go about doing this?

CRO is an ongoing testing strategy on your website that tracks your visitors and understands your users behaviors, such as where users clicks on your landing page, what parts of your pages are essential to conversion, and how much of your overall traffic is converting.

No one website has the same customers or design so each CRO test yields different results.

With this data you are able to make small, but powerful changes that will take your landing pages from a conversion liability to conversion machines. No seriously changing a button color can improve your conversion rate astronomically.

Below we will get into the 5 Strategies you should definitely try on your landing page.

Noteworthy Strategies for CRO

Strategy #1: F Pattern Placement

Place important information on the left-side of the page. User click rates increase with the pattern of how people would read a book.

As you can see this is a heat map of a page. It shows the areas where the most clicks are being made. Knowing this you could place your landing page form on the left side to increase conversion rates.

Strategy #2: Use Reciprocation Techniques for Email Lists Building

By giving your users a PDF, checklist, or offering a download for free, your users are to be drawn in and click to your page. When they do, you will prompt them for their email address in return. They supply their email address and your landing page gives them access to free content. It’s a win-win situation.

Strategy #3: Contrast for your Call to Actions


Never allow your CTA (Call To Action) to blend in with the rest of your landing page. Allow it to stand out. Hubspot’s case study saw a 21% lift in conversion rates when switching to a high contrast color such as red over green.

Strategy #4: Stress Benefits Over Actions

Constant selling turns people off these days.

Instead of forcing the buyer to make a decision based of soliciting actions, you should reiterate the benefits they gain.

A buy now button is less effective then a “Start Your Free Trail” button with a no credit card required.

One says “give me your money,” the other says “I care enough about you as a customer to try out our product for free with full confidence you will gain your money’s worth.”

See the differences?

Strategy #5: Strut Your Stuff Your Publicly


Do you or your products have certifications, testimonials, and accolades? Show them off. It always improves conversion rates and sets you apart from your competition.

Mentioning them consistently on your CTA produce the best conversion just like the example above.

Marketing Agency (minus) – CRO = Useless

Stay away from a marketing agency that doesn’t provide CRO to complement SEO and PPC.

Your goals with marketing are to produce new customers and make money.

A combination of CRO with the either of those marketing options will produce more customer and keep your business’ bank account full with green pastures not lint, marbles, and paper clips.

For more on complete CRO techniques with these included check out Brain Deans CRO Post.