It’s hard to imagine the 2017 Digital Summit Denver could outdo last year’s event where keynote Gary Vaynerchuk wowed the audience with poignant one-liners and well-placed F-bombs. But, this year’s event has a well-rounded speaker lineup of tech trendsetters & business visionaries.

Plus, we will be there! Shameless Plug: Come visit our booth between the Buell Theater and Ellie Caulkins Opera House.

We asked our staff of digital marketers to give insights on who they are most excited to see this year, and why. Here’s what they told us.

“That’s easy.  Seth Godin.  The most renowned marketing author of our time.  Books like Linchpin, Purple Cow and Permission marketing have revolutionized how many business leaders approach marketing to this day.  And he’s consistently wrote a blog article everyday for the past 20 years…Need i say more, the dude is just awesome.”

  • Jermaine Kelley, Social Media Analyst


Morgan Spurlock.  Best known for ‘Supersize Me,’ Spurlock took the premise even further with his network show, ‘30 days.’ The premise is stepping outside of your comfort zone and experiencing what it is like to live in someone else’s shoes for 30 days.  I believe it is important to expand your realm of experience and would love to get insight into what he learned through the process”

  • Wes Hearn, PPC Manager


“I’m most excited for Michael Barber‘s session ‘Making Lemonade: Traits Beyonce Can Teach the Modern Marketer to Run The World’…I think in a conference environment it is always difficult to come up with new and unique ways to present information that will keep an audience engaged. We’ve all been to conferences where we are struggling to stay awake. Someone who can take pop culture and form it into tips, tricks, and techniques that we can use in our marketing efforts is going to capture – and keep – my attention.

  • Megan Mohs, Social Media Account Manager


“I’m excited to see Neal Patel‘s ‘Extracting Emotional Signals and Understanding Happiness.’ He is so tuned in to the human side of the internet. I feel that successful internet marketing is a balance between science and art. The work that Patel does is constantly reinforcing that.”

  • Joselyn Turner, SEO Account Manager


I’m most excited about the session ‘It’s a Pay to Play World: Finding Real Value in Social Media.’ It baffles me that there are companies out there without a social media presence! And more than half think “boosted posts” is enough. I love that there will be a discussion about leveraging paid social media. I hope to learn about better ways to measure success and prove to businesses not on Facebook marketing that it is the place to be! (Sorry PPC).

  • Jess Holterhoff, Social Media Account Manager


Morgan Spurlock – He has revolutionized the ‘Thinking outside of the box’ mentality. He re-invented the conventional idea of what a documentary is or was. This is something that can be translated into the marketing world. The whole idea of ‘thinking outside the box’ has been proven to be some of the most successful marketing techniques. Stray away from the status quo.”

  • Zak Smith, PPC Account Manager